Absolute Online Only Business Liquidation Auction #2 of 2
Tony Veltri's Retirement Auction

Location: 501 Blueville Drive Grafton, WV 26354
Pickup: Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday, April 5th from 9:00am - 4:30pm.

Bidding is open and closes Monday, April 2nd @ 6:00pm
No Preview Available
Plumbing * Hardware * Cookware * Knives * Stovepipe * Feed * Electrical Supplies * Gardening Supplies * Tools * Generator * Aladdin Lamps * View the catalog for a complete list & pictures of 1735 lots!

Attention: Any buyers picking up shelving, pick up will not be available until April 5th as these shelves are full of merchandise. No exceptions.

Place your bids! Due to the number of items in this auction we are closing 30 lots every 5 minutes with a 5 minute extension. If someone bids on a specific lot within the last 5 minutes that lot extends 5 minutes until no bids are placed within that time frame.

TERMS: 15% Buyers Premium and 7% Sales tax will be applied to each purchase. If you are tax exempt and sent us your info PRIOR to the close of the auction you will only be charged 15% Buyers Premium. Sent tax exempt forms to Ellie@kaufmanrealty.com or call our office at 3049311023 with any questions. Failure for you to notify us about your exemption, you will be charged sales tax automatically. Click the link for a blank WV State Tax Exempt Form.

Farmers Delight Article

You know that hometown hardware store that's been there since your Grandpa was a boy? The one that has wooden drawers, is small but has every gadget you can think of stashed among the goods? Where you know the owner personally and if you need anything they don't have he'd be happy to put in an order for you? That was Tony Veltri's store in Grafton. Farmers Delight has been a much-loved, family-owned hardware since the 1950's, passed down to Tony from his parents. After 68 years in business and thinking of retiring for 17 years, this hometown "hardware-man" is finally closing the doors. Kaufman Realty & Auctions of WV will be conducting an online auction to sell the contents of the store. See below for more information.

Tony remembers a particular day in his boyhood, around 11 years, when he was helping his parents in Webster, WV. They owned a small grocery store and lived in the apartment above. Along with groceries they sold a lot of livestock feed which came in 100 lb cloth bags. As this part of the business grew, Tony's father built a masonry building attached to the store with a dock for easy access. The first bulk load of feed they got was a whole railroad car full, which was the smallest quantity they could order. It arrived in Grafton, 5 miles away, and Tony, his dad and a friend with a truck hauled the feed all night. He remembers going to bed at 5am before his first day at Grafton Jr. High.

Tony took over the families operation after graduating high school, promising his parents he'd go to college after training someone else to take over but loved the business so much he stayed and poured all of his ingenuity into it! From feed, developed hardware and Farmers Delight became and International Harvestor Farm equipment dealer from 1958-1968. Tony decided to retire the family's grocery store and focus on hardware. Increasing continually and running out of room, the store was eventually relocated to Grafton, where the current Salvation Army store is now. Soon that too was outgrown and they were offered the spot they are in now across the parking lot.

During this time, Tony met his wife Geraldine through a customer at his store in Webster. Harriet was the principal at the school Geraldine was teaching at and thought they'd be a great pair. Harriet suggested to Tony that she knew a gal who'd like the self-built stereo he had in the store. When she finally came in, Tony got her number and called her for a date but never made her the stereo. They got married and have been together ever since.

Tony used his business skills to open several other stores including two nostalgic-type hardware stores called "General Store" in East Pointe and Flatwoods, as well as a pet supply store on Johnson Ave in Bridgeport. Eastern Pet Supply became very successful and is now run by Tony & Geraldine's only son, Joe, who has developed it into a large pet supplier and grooming facility. Tony also spent 18 years serving on the Board of Education and in 1992 became a County Commissioner; an office which he still holds (30 years when the term ends).

When Geraldine retired from teaching 17 years ago, Tony said he'd sell the store too. Well, here he is today, still sad to leave his customers who have become more like friends. He dearly loved this business, the customers, his employees and the hardware shows he and his wife traveled to. He said that one thing he always tried to do was treat his customers right, making a phone call if he found out someone was unhappy and getting in a product if they didn't have it. From this he gained many friends and Farmers Delight enjoyed many successful years as a friendly neighborhood business. Tony says he hopes to travel with his wife and enjoy life with his grand kids.

Kaufman Realty & Auctions offers online auctions as one of the most effective ways to sell your personal property. It is safe, involves less labor, and draws buyers from vast regions that could not attend a live auction. Talk to Andrew or Wayne about conducting your online auction today.

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TERMS: 15% Buyers Premium and 7% Sales tax will be applied to each purchase. If you are tax exempt and sent us your info PRIOR to the close of the auction you will only be charged 15% Buyers Premium. Sent tax exempt forms to Ellie@kaufmanrealty.com or call our office at 3049311023 with any questions. Failure for you to notify us about your exemption, you will be charged sales tax automatically.

A 15% buyer’s premium and 7% Sales tax will be added to each purchase. Example - If your winning bid is $100.00 x 15% Buyer's Premium = $115.00 x 7% your invoice will be $123.05.

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) any buyer’s total invoice that is over the amount of $3,000.00 will be required to do a wire transfer. Unless prior arrangements have been made. No Exceptions.

By agreeing to our Terms. You are allowing us to charge your credit card following the Auction.

Pick up Date: Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday April 5th from 9:00A.M. - 4:30P.M.

Date: Bidding is open and ends on Monday, April 2nd @ 6:00P.M. We will close 30 lots every 5 minutes with a 5 minute extension. Example: If someone bids on any given lot within the last 5 minutes that lot will extend five minutes until no bids are placed within that time frame.

Shipping is available at the buyer’s expense. Buyer will be charged actual shipping cost & Insurance

All items are sold “AS IS", WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.

Keep in mind that these items are used and may have scratches, dents, dings, holes, funky odors, etc.

Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. Any mention of an item’s condition is not an official grading of the item’s condition. When you are not certain of the condition or wear of an item, please bid accordingly.

Onsite auction may have items in the attic, basement, barn, dark alley, scary dungeon rooms and other places that your spouse may be hesitant to enter. Please consider attending the preview to help understand any complications in removing your treasure.
We are not as mean as we sound, but please do your best to play by the rules. It is the only way we can serve you and the rest of our customers to the best of our ability.

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Preview is highly recommended so you can make your own determination of quality, size, condition, weight, item location, and all the other variables that are difficult to convey in a photo.
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Failure to pay for or not pick up during the scheduled times could result in being banned from any Online bidding at our Auctions.

Please bring plenty of help and proper equipment needed to remove your items. Auction staff is not available to assist with loading. Don't bring a Pinto to take home a bedroom suite, please.
Kaufman Realty & Auctions of Wv recommends that all Ammo & Firearms be inspected by an expert prior to using them.

Kaufman Realty & Auctions of Wv is not responsible for any computer or Technical errors.
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Auction #2 of 2 from the Farmers Delight Store! **Some lots are being sold by the piece times the money & Some lots are being sold all for one money.**

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